"Fast paced, skill demanding, modern. The PURE ARENA"

What is Neptune?

Neptune is a modern, fast paced and fun arena fps which tries to melt the classic arena style gameplay with features found in modern games, such as the ranking system and packing everything with good graphics.

Why is it fun?

It is fast paced and perfect for players who want to improve their online skills but also for casual players who would like to play a fast match. After some hours you will see your skills improve and this will be a great satisfaction! Also earning tokens and unlocking skins is real fun!

Both multiplayer and singleplayer bot practice modes are available.

What are the “modern features”?

It is an arena fps, yes, but this doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have a modern leveling xp system. This has been added to enrich the gameplay with unlockable skins which WILL NOT affect the gameplay but only the weapons appearence.

How many weapons are available in the game?

9 weapons are available:

  1. Melee elektrogun
  2. Whitehot gun
  3. Shotgun
  4. Plasma rifle
  5. Raygun
  6. Rocket launcher
  7. Grenade launcher
  8. Stingun
  9. H.C. Gun

How many maps are available in the beta stage?

5 Maps are available:

  • Basement
  • Space
  • Spaceship
  • Thalassa
  • Ice

Will it be released on other platforms?


Where can i find the developer’s website?

Here: http://www.fplabdeveloper.com

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